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Vaginal Tightening Capsule

Vaginal Tightening Capsule

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Looking for a way to tighten and tone your vaginal muscles? Check out our amazing Vaginal Tightening Capsule! This unique formula is designed to help shrink and tighten the vaginal walls, giving you a more youthful appearance. Not to mention, it also helps with feminine hygiene and can repair any damage that has been done to the vagina. Simply take out the capsule and insert it into the vagina 3-4 cm, lie down and relax, and wait for it to be absorbed. For best results, use one capsule every two days. You'll love the way you feel after using our Vaginal Tightening Capsule!


Ingredients: Chinese gall tree, Bai Wei, Centella asiatica, witch hazel
Features and effects
Shrink vagina: repair damaged vaginal cells and tighten vagina
Moisturizing: Moisturizing and hydrating bid farewell to dryness
Detoxification: Clear yin and uterine toxins
Anti-inflammatory: mild anti-inflammatory and sterilization to remove odor
Maintenance: balance the pH of the vagina and maintain the reproductive system

Package Included:
1 *Tightening and Shrinking Yin capsules (10 capsules)

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